SHIKISAI [Reversi] T-shirt [nf-sh-adult0009]

SHIKISAI [Reversi] T-shirt [nf-sh-adult0009]

Price: 5,900Yen

Weight: 300g

Quantity: pcs

Item description

SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Reversi
The game known as "Othello" or "Reversi" on T-shirt

The world-known game on T-shirt!

The widely well known board game "Reversi"'s T-shirt.

(It's not a "Igo" T-shirt!)

SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Reversi2
The black and white pieces are pin-badges
SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Reversi, pin-badges
4 pieces (=pin-badges) included.

black and white pin-badges are included.

The pieces are pin-badges. You can arrange the layout of the badges and can customize the pattern as you like.

The needle is integrated onto the badge body, which is known that it almost doesn't damage the fabric.

SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Reversi, ladies01
model: height 160cm, wearing XS(ladies M) size.
SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Reversi, ladies02
You can arrange the layout as you like.
SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Reversi,mens
model: height 168cm, wearing S size.
SHIKISAI T-shirt size table


product name SHIKISAI [Reversi] T-shirt
designer Noto Fusai
material 100% Cotton
size XS (Ladies M), Mens S, Mens M, Mens L, Mens XL
color White
made in Japan

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