SHIKISAI [Vacuum Cleaner] T-shirt [nf-sh-adult0010]

SHIKISAI [Vacuum Cleaner] T-shirt [nf-sh-adult0010]

Price: 5,900Yen

Weight: 300g

Item description

SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Vacuum Cleaner
"The T-shirt that doesn't lose suction."

We would like to introduce a brand-new vacuum cleaner

What kind of cleaner are you using?

standard cleaner with a paper bag, or newest model of cyclone cleaner?

Today we wanna introduce you a cleaner, totally different from any one of those.
It works with no noise at all.

It's zero emission, zero power consumption and no need of exchanging dast pack...

What's more, it never looses suction, even when the power goes out...

It's is a T-shirt...

SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Vacuum Cleaner, zoom
This is the suction!

Look carefully, because it is silent.

The illustration of vacuum cleaner.

but it's not just an illustration.
When you look carefully...yes, you'll find that the bottom of the T-shirt is sucked.

You don't have to feel down, if you didn't notice this humorous trick, because it's working in a perfect silence...

SHIKISAI Alternative T-shirt, Vacuum Cleaner, model
SHIKISAI T-shirt size table


product name SHIKISAI [Pen&Note] T-shirt
designer Noto Fusai
material 100% Cotton
size XS (Ladies M), Mens S, Mens M, Mens L
color White
made in Japan

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