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Item Detail

SHIKISAI [Canvas Shoes] T-shirt[nf-sh-adult0005]

Price: 5,900Yen
Weight: 300g
Quantity:  pcs
unique art T-shirt [Canvas Shoes]
Canvas Shoes T-shirt with real shoelace

T-shirt with real shoelace

T-shirt of Canvas Shoes illustration.The shoelace of the left shoe is illustration, but the one on the right is... real lace!

You can wear the t-shirt with the shoelace either tied or untied.
Or you also have a choice to replace with any shoelace of your favorite.

unique art T-shirt [Canvas Shoes]. tied
You can, of course, wear the shirt with the lace tied.

new, but nicely worn

Though the T-shirt itself is new, the illusrated canvas shoes are nicely worn, not too shiny and not too worn out.
And, what's more, that best state continues forever!

unique art T-shirt [Canvas Shoes]. detail1
You can pull off the lace easily through these eyelets.
unique art T-shirt [Canvas Shoes]. detail2
nicely worn, not too shiny and not too worn out.
unique art T-shirt [Canvas Shoes]. model
model:height 160cm, wearing XS(Ladies M) size
sizetable of SHIKISAI alternative T-shirts
Item Spec
product name:SHIKISAI [Canvas Shoes] T-shirt
designer:Noto Fusai
material:100% Cotton
size:XS (Ladies M), Mens S, Mens M, Mens L, Mens XL
made in:Japan

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