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Item Detail

pick a jewel [brooch][ff-pj2-B]

Price: 2,808Yen
Weight: 100g
pick a jewel [brooch]

Wearing what you love, wearing what makes you happy at each moment -- as if a girl, living in a small beach island, picks up a flower from a garden and utilizing it as a hair accessory.

pick a jewel was born to incorporate this natural deed of happiness, hidden in our daily life, to your lifestyle.

Let's find the one, made by you, and just made for you.

>> 「Jewel Box」 - online jewel box for pick a jewel

pick a jewel [brooch]
pick a jewel [brooch]
pick a jewel [brooch]
pick a jewel [brooch]
pick a jewel [brooch]
Item Spec
product name:pick a jewel [brooch]
material:[Clip] Gold Color - Nickel-free Plating / Silver Color - Stainless Steel, [Clip Brace] Nickel-free Plating
dimension:[Clip] L22*W3*H7(mm), [Clip Brace] W10*H9(mm)
color:Gold Color
made in:Japan
notes:*There is no jewel(flower or paper in the photo) in the package. *There are dents, caused by spot welding, in the surface of clip. Please be forewarned. *These are normally coated as general accessories. If you feel an itching sensation by wearing, you might have metallic allergy. Please stop wearing them and talk to a doctor.

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